Breaking News: Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Innovation with Japan’s PhoenixBio

In the realm of pharmaceutical innovation, a new dawn arises with Japan's PhoenixBio leading the charge. With a groundbreaking article recently published, PhoenixBio introduces cutting-edge human liver models boasting an astonishing 90% and higher human hepatocyte composition, redefining drug testing worldwide while upholding the highest ethical standards.

Titled "PhoenixBio: Pioneering Pharmaceutical Innovation with Advanced Mice Models," the article in Newsweek delves into the journey of PhoenixBio, a trailblazing contract research organization (CRO) specializing in production of state-of-the-art humanized liver chimeric mouse models. These translational preclinical models, with their remarkable human hepatocyte engraftment, set a new standard for preclinical drug testing globally.

As Takashi Shimada, President of PhoenixBio, puts it, "The significant proportion of human liver cells distinguishes our product from others." The commitment to excellence has propelled PhoenixBio on a journey marked by milestone achievements across several research areas such as viral hepatitis (HCV, HBV, and HDV), gene therapy & gene editing, MASH/MAFLD, DMPK/Toxicity, and more. These PXB-mice have become invaluable in predicting human body responses and assessing the efficacy of new medications, particularly in areas like combating hepatitis and gene-based therapeutics.

Moreover, PhoenixBio's international collaboration efforts extend their reach to Europe, the United States, and beyond. With a subsidiary in New York City and a focus on key therapeutic areas, PhoenixBio actively engages with researchers globally. Addressing bioethical concerns, Mr. Shimada emphasizes the company's commitment to reducing animal testing while recognizing its complexity. 

As PhoenixBio continues to push the boundaries of preclinical drug testing, the story unfolds as a compelling narrative of innovation and dedication. Stay tuned as we pave the way for a brighter, more ethical future in pharmaceutical research and development.

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