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We are revolutionizing the translational potential of animal models in preclinical research

Advancements in life sciences are making it possible to improve human health and quality of life. However, the journey towards such achievements is often long and challenging. In particular, modelling the effects of drug candidates in animal models can be slow, expensive, and inaccurate for predicting human outcomes.

At PhoenixBio, we harness the inherent potential of living organisms to further the development of life-changing human therapeutics. PhoenixBio is a leading supplier of the highest-quality humanized liver chimeric mouse model. Our unique approach is built on being a supportive partner providing solutions, from program planning to robust reporting, to ensure full confidence in the study approach and data generated.

We accelerate preclinical drug discovery and development with our translationally relevant research models and comprehensive services.

Our mission and vision

We believe in improving human health and quality of life through the application of our advanced life science technologies.

Our mission is to preserve the immense intrinsic potential of the human cell outside of the human body to improve clinical research and its therapeutic application through maximizing the potential of animal models whilst respecting all living things.

Our vision is to aid the enhancement of the global population’s health through the widespread application of our leading humanized liver chimeric mouse model.

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Our expert collaborators, partners, and affiliates

Collaborators, partners & affiliates
The Saito Lab, University of Southern California Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc. Mediford Corporation
Inotiv Inc. Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Ltd. Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd.
Hamri Co., Ltd. Immuno-Biological Laboratories Co,Ltd. The CMHL Consortium
The Institute of Environmental Toxicology   CMIC Pharma Science Co., Ltd.

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