PXB-mice and PXB-cells® for drug development

Overcome challenges with translational issues in the development of your best-in-class therapeutics with our PXB-mouse® and PXB-cells® in a range of different preclinical research applications.

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To increase your chance of drug development success, you need cell- and animal-based models that provide insights of human outcomes. We are a leading supplier of the highest quality humanized liver chimeric mouse model and freshly isolated human hepatocytes.

Our unique approach is built on being a supportive partner providing solutions, from program planning to robust reporting, ensuring you have full confidence in the study approach and data generated.

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Gene-based Therapeutics

Effectively predict human outcomes and determine toxicity with our humanized liver chimeric mouse model which offers an alternative to non-human primates within gene editing and gene therapy research studies.

With over a decade’s worth of characterization of our model and proven customer use cases, our gene therapy translational animal model can provide a powerful and scalable method of assessing the delivery, efficacy, and safety of your gene therapy projects.


PXB-mice with humanized livers are a proven model to exhibit disease-related histopathological changes associated with NASH/NAFLD. Our experienced project managers can support you from project design to delivery, enabling you to develop preventative and therapeutic agents for the NASH disease state.


Viral Hepatitis

Confidently and robustly screen antiviral efficacy and tolerability in the development of your therapeutics for hepatitis viruses with our world-class PXB-mice. Our chimeric mouse model with its highly humanized liver supports all stages of the viral-hepatitis life cycle, including the formation of cccDNA. We can support you from study design and feasibility through to data delivery to ensure consistency up until study completion.


De-risk your compound selection and predict human outcomes to enable the development of safe, effective, and compliant small molecules and novel drug modalities. By using the PXB-mouse®, you can increase your confidence of lead candidate selection by gaining an insight into human outcomes of pharmacokinetics and human-specific hepatotoxicity, all with one unique tool, the PXB-mouse® model.


Custom Transplantations

Trust the decades of skill and experience of our technical team to successfully transplant any donor hepatocytes of any species into our proprietary model. With our custom transplantation services, PhoenixBio can support your projects of new disease model development, hepatocyte lot expansion up to 200x, or other areas of exploratory research. Rely on our team’s expertise to steer your custom transplantation project to success.

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