Innovation starts with the PXB-mouse®

Predict human outcomes with the PXB-mouse®, a chimeric mouse with a humanized liver. 

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The Challenge: moving from animal models to humans

Drug discovery and early drug development projects often experience major challenges when moving from animal models to human studies.

Species-level differences mean that mice, and other laboratory animals, have inherent limitations for modelling human physiology and often result in inaccurate or misleading data when used to predict efficacy and toxicity of drugs in humans. This creates barriers for advancing therapeutic candidates through the drug development pipeline.

PhoenixBio’s approach to preclinical drug discovery and development

At PhoenixBio, we understand that accurate pre-clinical modelling of human drug responses is paramount to the successful advancement of a therapeutic — and that it comes with many challenges. To help researchers overcome these issues, we developed the PXB-mouse®, the world’s most widely used humanized liver chimeric mouse model.

PXB-mice allow for unrivalled translational relevance in preclinical drug discovery and development projects, helping you to better predict the efficacy and toxicity of your drug candidates. In vitro research is also supported with the supply of our PXB-cells® — human hepatocytes freshly isolated from PXB-mice.

Our professional study design and management services for in vivo and in vitro supply and service projects can empower you with human-relevant data from the first supply of PXB-cells® to research services using PXB-mice and all the way through to the transition to clinical services.


The PXB-mouse®

The PXB-mouse® is a chimeric mouse model with a highly humanized liver.
Drawing from over 15 years of expertise, we offer world-leading in-house study services for a wide range of applications in the drug discovery and development process using PXB-mice.


PXB-cells® are human hepatocytes isolated from PXB-mice®.
Ground your in vitro studies in human physiology with stable, high quality primary human hepatocytes. Our rapidly isolated PXB-cells® can be ordered and shipped fresh to ensure your experiment performs at the highest caliber.

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High-quality research tools available when you need them

Continuous, commercial-scale production ensures that our stable, high-quality PXB-mice and PXB-cells® are always available for your studies when you need them.

A dedicated project management team will work with you on study design, feasibility and execution, whilst always continuing to provide real-time troubleshooting and regular reporting to ensure momentum is maintained throughout the study timeframe.