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We have developed a mouse model with a humanized liver to improve the translational capabilities of your drug discovery and development projects.

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Human liver mouse  & hepatocyte models

Our Chimeric Mouse Model with a Humanized Liver and Freshly Isolated Primary Human Hepatocytes

We specialize in advancing drug discovery and early development projects with our quality-controlled study services using PXB-mice and PXB-cells®.

Perform preclinical drug testing experiments with greater translational relevance than ever before with our chimeric mouse model that possesses human liver characteristics.

Innovation starts with the PXB-mouse®.

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Get invaluable insights into human outcomes with the PXB-mouse®, a chimeric mouse model with a humanized liver that is repopulated by human hepatocytes.

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Advance your in vitro studies with the use of PXB-cells®, our primary human hepatocytes freshly isolated from the PXB-mouse®.

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Our PXB-mouse® is the world’s most widely used humanized liver mouse model for drug development. With our stable and consistent production line, we rigorously select top-quality PXB-mice with a humanized condition to suit your research demands.

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421 papers


At PhoenixBio, we help our customers to deliver on their drug discovery and development projects with our contract study services using PXB-mice. Our experts have over 10 years of experience and will provide professional technical support from study planning and design to the delivery of the final report.

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