Custom Transplantations

Have our skilled and experienced team transplant any hepatocyte into our proprietary chimeric mouse model.

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The challenge

Chimeric mouse models serve as the ultimate translational tool for liver-related research. The barrier to consistently produce high-quality animals for experiments is often an intimidating challenge. Generating and transplanting these animals requires appropriate facilities along with a highly skilled team equipped with the technical experience for surgical transplantations.

Even prior to transplantation, selection of the donor cells is a critical step to increase the success of engraftment. Some research requires human hepatocytes that are representative of the human population or contain specific liver disease phenotypes. Other research requires transplantation of other species such as monkey hepatocytes or other cell types like iPSCs. PhoenixBio can assist with selection of donor cells based on our years of knowledge, conduct the transplantation on schedule, and deliver the animals directly to you or initiate study services in our labs.

The solution

While we commercially produce readily available PXB-mice with our qualified human hepatocyte donors, we also offer custom transplantation services for a truly tailored solution.

We have been generating chimeric mice with humanized livers for over a decade and in that timeframe, have transplanted various human hepatocyte donors, cell types, and species into our cDNA-uPA/SCID animals. Regardless of the donor cell type you require, we can provide you with support and assistance on the characteristics that may increase the success of engraftment.

Our team can support you with:

  • Consultation on donor cell selection
  • Custom transplantation services
  • Engraftment validation & characterization
  • Cell lot expansion via passage transplantations
transplantations of cells

The transplantation process is completed by our expert team with surgical precision and, upon engraftment success, the donor cells proliferate over 100x and animals are available for your research as early as 12 weeks. PhoenixBio can further characterize engraftment success with immunohistochemistry staining or complete a preliminary validation of engraftment through serum biomarkers.

Our dedicated project management teams can work with you to provide timely delivery of your custom transplanted animals.

Find out how we could help your custom transplantation projects